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Chartered Accountants on our team have a broad experience to draw on and a proven track record in dealing with the most complex taxation queries our clients may have.

Our clients find that our advice yields the highest return when advice is sought and received as early as possible, opened up and a similar approach is taken to their entire financial affairs. We are able to work effectively with cleints to clarify and consolidate matter including working with existing advisers to but often find that greater possibilities for tax efficiency present themselves when we have access to the full picture.

Specialist Tax Services


Stay on top of changing tax legislation

The complexity of self assessments makes it very hard for non-financially trained business owners to complete a tax return. Constant changes to tax legislation makes it harder to keep up with what is allowable and acceptable to HMRC. Brookwood Accountancy removes the stress and worry of completing the tax return.

Claim expenditures and minimise liabilities

As a tax specialist, Brookwood Accountancy takes away the anxiety surrounding tax returns. We ensure you claim all allowable expenditure, minimise the tax liability and get the tax return filed on time. 

What to expect from our specialist tax service

Our experience working with HMRC procedures and developments means we are ideally placed to advise and support with complex specialist tax procedures. We offer a comprehensive service that includes;

  • Rental property accounts
  • Income and expenditure accounts
  • Sole Trader Accounts
  • CIS tax returns
  • Assist with any correspondences with HMRC

Working around your schedule

When you need a face to face we can visit your premises whenever you like

Online access to your records

Our team are experts in set up and configuration of online records 

Develop your team

We can train your staff to improve your own in-house bookkeeping skills

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Do you need some help or advice?

This Book a Call – is designed to help you “The Owner” in whatever context you are the owner to review and plan your finances. 

Do you feel like “The Budget.. ” is all far too complicated and you are to busy to deal with it? 

All to often business owners say, “….if only I had known.” or ” ….I could have done this or that?” 

Yes, that is why you need to Book a Call.  The call will be done with a Qualified Accountant, who will have reviewed your affairs before the call.  You will need to be open and frank and the discussions will be documented for future reference. 

We want all of our clients to succeed and prosper so we are putting time and resources aside to help. 

Help us help you and your business by getting in touch. 

This service is only available to our current clients. 

If you have a package that includes planning this is a free service, if you don’t have a package don’t worry – we are offering this at a simple low price to ensure you get not only value for money but peace of mind that you have considered all the options and checked everything.

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