• First assess where you are now:
    • What challenges from the workplace safety issues and how you can work with your team, customers and others who come into your sphere of business. Have you reviewed any Health and Safety guidelines for Risk Assessment in your type of business. (Brookwood Clients get this through Markel Tax)
  • Business parameters:
    • Sales – have you got orders, are you generating orders, are you following up on Pre Covid orders. Can you begin to advertise and market to generate new work.
    • Purchases – Are you suppliers open. What is the back log of delivery times. Do they now only deal pro forma. Can you utilise current stocks until delivery of new stocks.
    • Subcontractors – do you have them, will they be able to come to site or office.
  • What is the current market like in your line of business:
    • If you are a hair dresser, you had better get a booking system set up on line, divert your calls, website bookings and chat, and stay behind the chair.
    • If you are a builder, essential and non essential work will most likely really take off, are you prepared, do you have a phone answering service to collect every callers details. Do you have swift follow up and call back service organised.
    • If you are an Estate Agent – when can you start arranging viewings (Virtual first with some HS compliant version for Real time viewings…)
    • If you are a Restaurant – Continue the takeaways, how far apart can the tables be, can you set time limits on meals to speed turnover of covers. the hospitality industry is making great strides to design amazing lockdowns, if you aren’t a member of some of the associations or forums, FSB has been around forever, or hospitalityguild.co.uk I have noticed recently stepping up to help.
    • You get the idea – business specifics but the idea is the same.
  • What does the future hold:
    • Probably the most interesting – What have we learned from the Lockdown that we can apply to business going forward. (Once company told us, when the lease expires – they will not be renewing. Working remotely has changed their business and the team likes it…)
    • What has the digital transition done for your business, or more importantly, how have you learned to work around old methods to reduce interactions, reduce paperwork, use different methods to stay in touch…. all interesting dilemmas faced by all companies this spring.
    • What will the “New Normal” require of you, your customers and your business. How can you make it a positive or a differentiation from your competitors
    • Contact your old customers, ask them to return to you shop/restaurant, be honest and say you are recovering and seeking to reestablish. Go back through the order books and ask old customers to possibly refer new business to your, offer incentives if necessary. Go out to complimentary businesses and form some mutually strategic JV’s, like the Valet & Mechanic service or the Hair and Nail Salon, or like us Accountants and Solicitors.

My Predictions:

Out with the old and in with the new.. new – methods, ideas, habits, work styles and strategies.

Flexibility and perseverance will be the saving graces of the succesfull, post Corona businesses.

Most importantly, Remember why you decided to go into business. Reacquaint yourself with the real needs of your clients and solve those problems or needs. Embrace the idea that things and life can be lived differently and even better if we can capitalise on the enforced changes as we meld them to work for us and our clients.