Virtual Finance Director

Have your business grown beyond bookeeping?

Has your business grown to the point where the bookkeeper just isn’t enough anymore? Do you know the company needs more financial planning, financial management and qualified support? By utilising the team at Brookwood a plan can be developed to provide the level of support required, even if the necessary support is escalating as the business grows.

Develop your financial strengths

As a company owner, you don’t have to be concerned that the resources in the finance area are insufficient. Brookwood will always be able to provide the backstop as your company grows. Often the combination of the Virtual Finance Director and Executive Mentoring will combine to provide the necessary information and impetus to really push the business owner. The business will also benefit as both develop from the continual input of better reporting, goal setting and management effectiveness. Usually the hardest part for a business owner is the assessment of their own skills, capabilities and deficiencies before they can move forward, the strategy session to map out the current and future plans and goals.   

What to expect from our Virtual Finance Director service

  • Accurate and timely reporting of financial performance each month. You and your staff will know how the business is performing. You will be alerted to potential problems earlier, so will have time to make necessary changes.
  • Budgeting and forecasting services leading to action plans to drive your business forward.
  • Support as and when it is needed for you and your key staff to improve performance, whether by training, mentoring, or rapid feedback of results.
  • Brookwood can handle your Sales Ledger and Purchase ledger function, providing you with regular updates of cash commitments and cash flows and dealing with credit control.
  • More time for you to concentrate on the sales, marketing and operations of your business rather than being caught up in the routine finance function
  • Improved credibility with your bankers as they will see that you have expertise and advice available on tap
  • With Brookwood Cloud Accounting Solutions, you can access your accounts at any time, so you can be reassured that you are in control of your data

    Working around your schedule

    When you need a face to face we can visit your premises whenever you like


    Online access to your records

    Our team are experts in set up and configuration of online records 


    Develop your team

    We can train your staff to improve your own in-house skills


    Get Started - Book A Call

    Do you need some help or advice?

    This Book a Call – is designed to help you “The Owner” in whatever context you are the owner to review and plan your finances. 

    Do you feel like “The Budget.. ” is all far too complicated and you are to busy to deal with it? 

    All to often business owners say, “….if only I had known.” or ” ….I could have done this or that?” 

    Yes, that is why you need to Book a Call.  The call will be done with a Qualified Accountant, who will have reviewed your affairs before the call.  You will need to be open and frank and the discussions will be documented for future reference. 

    We want all of our clients to succeed and prosper so we are putting time and resources aside to help. 

    Help us help you and your business by getting in touch. 

    This service is only available to our current clients. 

    If you have a package that includes planning this is a free service, if you don’t have a package don’t worry – we are offering this at a simple low price to ensure you get not only value for money but peace of mind that you have considered all the options and checked everything.