HMRC Enquiries Service

Every business and individual needs to be prepared for HMRC enquiries

Even if everything is absolutely fine the process of responding to an enquiry can be a long process. The uncertainty and costs are both financially draining and can create anxiety and unnecessary worry. With 30 years of experience of HMRC enquiries Brookwood can assist with all level of enquiries from the simple aspect to the more full cross taxes enquiry. 

We work completely digitally

Full enquiries normally involve HMRC undertaking a detailed examination of all the business’ books and records. This may lead to enquiries also being opened into the personal tax affairs of the directors, unusual but not unheard of in certain cases. A full enquiry may also entail HMRC reviewing not only the corporation tax liability, but also any PAYE/NIC or VAT liabilities – this is becoming more common. The defence of companies and directors subject to such enquiries and acting to ensure that the company and any affected directors only pay what is properly due is critical. Experience in these areas and an understanding of HMRC’s approach is essential to any successful defence. 

What to expect from our HMRC enquiries service

Brookwood Accountancy deal with every aspect of the investigation including;

  • Starting point – providing clarity and formulating a plan to deal with the investigation;
  • handling all communications with HMRC;
  • taking full control of the investigation to give you peace of mind;
  • focusing on working towards the most efficient way to achieve the earliest possible closure of any tax investigation;
  • preparing or reviewing HMRC calculations relevant to your tax affairs to determine any tax liability due as a result of the enquiry; and
  • taking action to minimise interest and penalties.

Brookwood offer Fee Enquiry protection to ensure the costs of the enquiry can be minimised and if no tax or penalties arise, the cost is nil for the client.


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