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Meet your Coach

After over 30 years in business I still love the creation of a business that adds value to its customers, its employees, community and its owners. Value can be anything from time and money, to freedom or a chance to make a difference in a social change venture or a community driven initiative.

Any innovation fueled by a passionate owner or stakeholder is the best way to make a difference. The opportunity to help these individuals and see them succeed is my favourite part of the collaborative experience. It is also the best way to ensure the success of the venture.

I tell my Coached Clients, a coach cannot do the push ups. The businesses must go through the processes to achieve their mission statement. All plans change, but the planning is the critical component.

As a multiple business owner I understand the day to day challenges. The frustrations and the constant dilemma of what to do, when and what next. But assisting business owners to prioritise and focus with clarity is the first step to assisting them to achieve their goals.

I moved to Oxford in 1989 from New York after university. I was awarded Business Student of the Year 1986. A serial entrepreneur my first business was started at the age of 18.

My career in Oxford began in Audit and then moved in to Industry in 1993. After 4 years and several subsidiary acquisitions by the company to become a group of 5 companies, as the Financial Director, I was part of a team which led a buyout of the main holding company in 1997. 

In the new millenium, as a group financial controller I oversaw accounts preparation from multiple offices across Europe from Barcelona to St Petersburg.  Teaching accounting and business to former managers of manufacturing plants from the old soviet union and implementing systems and collaboration was incredibly interesting, challenging and overall fun.  

I have also been involved with Educational businesses, Software development and Business Consultancy and Early Years Daycare.  I began my first accountancy practice in 2002 and have moved towards become a leading supporter of local businesses with accountancy, bookkeeping and consultancy services to over 900 businesses.

My favourite part of business has always been helping business owners achieve their dreams of being their own boss and helping them make a difference to themselves, their families and their communities.

Roger Farrell

Roger Farrell

Brookwood Director & Business Coach