Book A Call

Book a Call

This Book a Call – is designed to help you “The Owner” in whatever context you are the owner to review and plan your finances.

Do you feel like “The Budget.. ” is all far too complicated and you are to busy to deal with it?

All to often business owners say, “….if only I had known.” or ” ….I could have done this or that?”

Yes, that is why you need to Book a Call.  The call will be done with a Qualified Accountant, who will have reviewed your affairs before the call.  You will need to be open and frank and the discussions will be documented for future reference.

We want all of our clients to succeed and prosper so we are putting time and resources aside to help.

Help us help you and your business by getting in touch.

This service is only available to our current clients.

If you have a package that includes planning this is a free service, if you don’t have a package don’t worry – we are offering this at a simple low price to ensure you get not only value for money but peace of mind that you have considered all the options and checked everything.

Here to help you and your business.

Brookwood is continually evolving to provide the best possible services to our clients.

As they say you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.

Unless a business owner makes a conscious decision to “Do something about it…” it never happens.  

All too often I hear clients lament about all the missed opportunities, plans, goals, etc.  

To address this in the new Covid era when everyone seems to be a bit more inclined to think and act or react differently Brookwood wants to help make a difference to our clients.

Proactive Accounting and Advisory service.  We will do our best to keep you looking and planning forward.  But you do have to take the first step, Book A Call…. it is simple.  We haven’t got time to waste and there will be homework and a nominal cost.  But the payback should be massive if you implement and use that tax planning and other ideas generated in the call.

Roger Farrell

Roger Farrell